About Wynford

Wynford is one of North America's leading internal communications and events agencies.

We believe passionately in the transformative power of valuing people, and how it can help drive business growth. Since 1986 we've been helping a growing roster of blue chip clients connect with their staff and business partners to improve their businesses. We do it through FOUR areas of expertise: Internal Communications, Meetings & Events, Incentive Travel & Rewards Programs, and Culture Building.

For us, believing in the transformative power of valuing people also means delivering the best customer service in the business. We diligently keep communication lines open and make sure we clearly understand our clients' needs, wants and goals. We first make sure to say it "straight", and then get down to the business of saying it "great." Our ultimate goal is to help you give your people more.

Our Leadership

Debi Niven, President and Partner

As a Wynford original, Debi is a firm believer in the transformative power of valuing people. She's a big thinker with big ideas, but interestingly enough it's her keen attention to the little details that makes those around her truly feel valued. She takes Wynford's tagline to heart and strives every day to give her people more - right down to the last detail. Debi champions business excellence and stellar client service while promoting a playful, positive work environment. She also makes sure Wynford's multi-disciplined project teams perform diligently and effectively, while respecting the need for personal and family time when the work day is done.

Bernie Koth, President and Partner

Traveling salesman? It doesn't begin to describe Bernie's role at Wynford. Sure, it seems he's been everywhere in the world at least twice, and can offer reliable dinner suggestions for starred restaurants in most world capitals. But it's Bernie's formidable gift for matching clients with good ideas that proves his greatest asset. As 'Chief Relationship Officer' at Wynford, Bernie's industrial-strength personality and 24/7 sense of humour ensure both sides of the client-agency partnership are focused, connected, and having fun, all at the same time.

Wynford Values

To be honest, we didn't write out strict guidelines to adhere to. We simply made a list of the things that make us feel good about how we do things. As a company we discovered that we value having a safe place to learn and the freedom to try new things, fuelled by a spirit of adventure and grounded by the confidence of our experience. We are defined by our solution-oriented focus. Everyone at Wynford values taking personal ownership for their actions and responsibilities. We also work secure in the knowledge that our colleagues are always ready to band together and 'circle the wagons' when a challenge needs a team-sized effort. We appreciate that our company's experience and talent allows open, courageous conversations among ourselves and our clients, that builds trust and mutual respect. Finally, we share a high level of integrity for the way we do business. We will do what we promise and share in the responsibility and success of any client project as if it were ours alone.

The Added Value of Positive Doing

Giving people an active role in a cause has much more of an impact than simply downloading a message to them. This approach is particularly evident within Wynford itself, where for years we've been partnering with public schools in our neighbourhood to share our passion to grow and improve with their students. We've even 'adopted' a local school, where we continually help in fundraising and character--building initiatives. And what goes around, comes around; our staff comes away from school activities genuinely inspired - an energy they take back to their work with our clients. Perhaps it was the school that in fact adopted us.

Quazar Positive Behaviour Recognition program (supports the Toronto School Board mandated initiative,
Build Character, Build Success (BCBS).

  • What are the goals of your organization?

Wynford’s goals for our program are simple. We are passionate about supporting the TDSB Build Character Build Success program to reduce the instances of bullying in elementary schools. We believe in the transformative power of valuing people and recognizing people for the good that they do. We have had success with that philosophy with our clients and our own environment and are seeing that same success in the schools that are using our program.

By communicating the importance of these 10 character traits (respect, responsibility, empathy, kindness & caring, teamwork, fairness, honesty, co-operation, integrity and perseverance), in an engaging and creative way, we help primary students fully understand them. Our program motivates students to live and breathe these traits and build healthier relationships with one another. AND as an added bonus, they get recognized for doing so.

Our program gives many children many opportunities to be recognized over and above the limited areas of academics, athletics and music. We know that when kids and people in general are recognized for doing good, they build and strengthen self-esteem.

  • What are some key accomplishments to highlight from the past year?

An element of the program that can be implemented is our All-Inclusive recess, where no child is left out. At one of the schools that include this activity, there was a student who was typically in the Principal’s office each week and not allowed to participate in the celebratory monthly recesses.

While at the Honesty recess planning session (where the character champions meet to discuss all-inclusive games), lo and behold, this student was in attendance. We couldn’t believe our eyes! He triumphantly let us know that he was the Honesty Champion of his class that month. He was trying to fight less and every time he did something wrong, he came clean and confessed to his teacher!

He was so excited to be chosen as an Honesty champion and contributed a lot of really great game ideas. He was also a proud leader at the recess and facilitated his game like a champ. When the next month came along he was no longer waiting to see the Principal, but was happily in line to come out and play at the all-inclusive recess. Though it may seem like a small success in the grand scheme of things, I think it was big success for that student, his a-ha moment if you will.

Another accomplishment we had was we were fortunate enough to be granted a Memorandum of Understanding with the Toronto District School Board to allow our Build Character Build Success program in the Elementary Family of Schools ER15 in Toronto until June 2018. This MOU agreement has helped us broaden our reach to more schools than ever before.

  • What are the goals of your Quazar Positive Behaviour Recognition program for this coming year?

Number one is to continue to get it into more schools. At the same time we want to keep in closer contact with all of our registered schools. Based on our survey feedback, the teachers have asked for monthly email reminders about the upcoming character attributes as well as additional resources for each attribute to include in their lesson plans and classroom activities.

Another focus is to continue to refresh all of our resources to ensure we are current and up to date. Our main focus moving forward is on grades K-3. We are working with a research student from PREVNet who will be researching how our program maps to the current Ontario curriculum. She will review our lesson plans/modules, video content, video discussion questions, etc.

We are also updating our website to make it cleaner and more navigable.

  • How has your organization benefited from partnership with PREVNet?

PREVNet’s knowledge, resources and experience have been instrumental to our program. We come from the corporate world and PREVNet has helped us immensely on the academic front. We know Reward and Recognition inside and out and we also know that having a great culture translates into a great environment. PREVNet has allowed us to take our philosophy and translate it into the school environment. They recognized we had a great program and endorsed and augmented it with the research, quality lesson plans and suggested readings all from an Educator’s point of view.

PREVNet has included our program in their Knowledge Mobilization suite of programs that all attempt to eliminate bullying. Brilliantly they brought us all together in order to share best practices and support each other to get more traction with our audiences. We were able to meet a number of like-minded, positive individuals with the same passion for helping children and mitigating bullying. It was inspirational as it was clear that no matter how large or small a program is, PREVNet ensures that the whole is really greater than the sum of its parts. This combined effort really does make a difference.