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Anyone can book a trip to an exotic destination...But for an incentive trip to inspire one-of-a-kind performances from your top achievers, it needs to deliver a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

It’s true. Incentive-based trips must go waaaaay beyond the norm. Take Ireland for example. Great food and drink are as close as the next pub: toss a dart on a map, and chances are you’ll hit one. But, imagine rubbing shoulders with celebrities at a restaurant owned by U2. And sure, an itinerary built around St. Patrick’s Day might be fun, but insiders know that the real bash is in June, when the whole city celebrates Bloomsday. And who knew that some of the town’s most elegant dinner parties are hosted at a hospital? Wynford knew. Our approach to creating and executing incentive travel programs is to promise, and deliver, once-in-a-lifetime experiences. We’ll elevate the brand image of your trip from ‘average perk’ to ‘absolute perfection’. To deliver the best experiences at all-inclusive resorts, we formed an amazing sister company, called Event Simple. Click on the logo for more great information.eventsimple

Reward Programs are designed to give top performers a tangible, irrefutable "thank-you" for delivering outstanding results. It's extrinsic motivation that when designed and executed well, can work wonders.

Merchandise-based incentive programs are popular and can be effective. However, catering to the personal tastes and prize preferences of your audience can be challenging, particularly when trying to satisfy repeat winners. Pre-paid VisaTM Cards to the rescue! Bearing your corporate logo and reward program branding, the cards can be loaded with any amount of credit you want, and used anywhere VisaTM is accepted. This is just one great example of how to precisely perk your peeps. Wynford has extensive experience rewarding employee achievement; from traditional merchandise-based programs to exclusive services, events and excursions for top performers.